RINGTREAD, a complete cold retreading system
that guarantees a perfect end result.


of the European market share thanks to RINGTREAD

Thanks to RINGTREAD, more than 25% of cold retreaded tyres in Europe are produced through the use of Marangoni technology and this market share is growing. This is because it is the best technology for retreading that is nothing but advantageous: savings in terms of time, resources, and organization; top performance that only the spliceless ring can offer.
We make all the know-how of the Marangoni Group available to you, a group which has successfully made retreading its priority for more than 70 years.



5 minutes less
for each tire retreaded

If labor is a cost, the saved time turns into saved money.

3 minutes are saved with the faster building time because the RINGTREAD System doesn't involve: tread measuring and cutting, the manual application and the splicing operation.
2 minutes are saved with the elimination of the tread loading and unloading phases and the elimination of waste handling, typical operations of the traditional retreading with flat precured treads.


6% less material

With the saved material you can retread 1 extra tyre every 16 and a half tyres

Uniform stretch: 1%
Conventional tread cannot be stretched
in the splice area
Smaller average undertread: 2%
Thanks to radial pressing the RINGTREAD undertread is uniform on all its base surface
No waste: 2%:
Tread ends become oxidized and must be
thrown away
Concave pressing: 1%
The flat tread circumference is always the same,
while in the RING it decreases near the shoulders


Better use
of the manufacturing area

RINGTREAD System ensures a high level of automation. The process automation affects costs, rationalization and production performance increase:

• RINGTREAD System provides the usage of high efficiency machinery, less manpower and idle time elimination.
• Working space optimization: no more cutting stands, no more hoists for tread lifting.


Your best retread

With the RINGTREAD System you obtain a retreaded tyre that guarantees maximum reliability and performance levels that are comparable, if not superior, to those of a new tyre.

With the broadest range of technologies, services, and products, you can meet the needs of your customers, respond quickly to changes, and enter new market segments.

“The advantages of the tyres made in our plant using Ringtread technology were immediately clear, both to us and our customers, and indeed demand has grown constantly. Uniform processing and excellent values in terms of concentricity and balance mean that our product offers clear advantages over tyres made using traditional flat strips. Our mission is to offer our customers tyres that are absolutely reliable, guaranteeing the highest performance and reduced vehicle downtime, and consequently economic benefits. In this way, they don’t buy ‘just’ a retreaded tyre”

– Uwe Müller –

AD presso Reifen Müller GmbH – Hammelburg-Westheim


Each ring is produced individually by means of a centripetal radial press. Therefore, vulcanisation takes place in the final configuration of the tread, allowing the molecular structure to stabilise in a stress-free configuration.

no deformation = less wear

The strips are produced in long multi-stage presses, where it is difficult to precisely check temperature, pressure and vulcanisation times. The strip does not follow the convex shape of the casing: this deformation generates tension between the tread and the structure of the tyre, causing overheating.

The convex profile of the ring perfectly adapts to the curvature of the casing, preserving its integrity. Surface uniformity ensures maximum adhesion between the tread and the tyre structure as well as superior performance.

uniform tread = more kilometres

The application of a flat strip to the convex shape of the tyre structure causes deformation and weak points, which increase the tread wear rate and cause the casing to overheat, which could reduce the life of the tyre.

RINGTREAD allows for perfectly balanced retreaded tyres. The fact that they are spliceless reduces rolling resistance and ensures slow and regular wear, thus significantly reducing mileage costs and the total price of owning the tyre.

spliceless = maximum reliability

Retreading using conventional flat strips necessarily involves the presence of at least one splice. In addition to inevitably throwing the tyre off balance, this creates a weak point that can increase the likelihood of the thread detaching itself.



    Highly qualified operators, using sophisticated equipment especially developed by Marangoni, determine the characteristics of the casings and select the best ones.


    Residues of the old tread are completely eliminated, leaving a surface on the casing featuring crests and grooves designed especially to improve adhesion of the ring.


    Following additional inspection, any damage to the tyre is repaired specifically before applying the ring. Marangoni trains personnel continually on how to carry out these operations.


    The Marangoni building machines place and automatically centre the ring on the casing, rolling it to maximise adhesion. The machinery used is extremely sophisticated and eliminates all possibility of human error.


    The casings are handled in such a way as to prevent any contact with impurities and debris, using a made-to-measure monorail that, exploiting a double envelope system, ensures maximum adhesion of the new parts to the casing.


    This guarantees a perfect seal between the ring and the casing, the last step in obtaining a high quality tyre.

Your best retread

Blackline is Marangoni’s response to the evolution the market has undergone in recent years, where fleets in particular have been demanding retreaded tyres, with reliable performance, improved durability and rolling resistance which is comparable or superior to quality new tyres in order to guarantee much needed savings.

The Tyres Finder is a valuable guide to better orient both fleets and retreaders. It offers a broad and always up-to-date overview of options for a properly informed choice of products that best meet their needs.

For the end-user, the tool illustrates the range of retreaded tyres that can be manufactured with Marangoni‘s materials. The retreader will also find the needed technical information about rings and treads, just a click away.