The know-how and skills acquired over seventy years in the business make the Marangoni Group an undisputed leader in the tyre industry.
We adopt an integrated approach to the product: the various divisions of the company work together to achieve and maintain high quality standards in terms of safety, performance, and specialization.

Marangoni’s quality and reliability are the result of the support, knowledge, and research that only a leading industrial group can achieve.

The compounds, technologies, and equipment used in the production of tyres are manufactured, tested, and upgraded within the Group’s different business units. Today Marangoni is a leader and point of reference in the tyre industry thanks to the development of cutting-edge technological solutions.



Dozens and dozens of millions of tyres returned to the roads in recent decades thanks to Marangoni’s technology: those with the best characteristics through the use of the RINGTREAD System, the exclusive and one of a kind retread ring, others through the use of our precured strips or our compounds for hot retreading. The figures rise even more if we consider those additional retreads made with machinery developed and manufactured by Marangoni.
The success that our retreading solutions have met around the world would not have been so big without the experience acquired by Marangoni over seventy years in the retreading business.

MARIX tyres uniquely produced by Marangoni in Italy (in its Rovereto plant), represent the know-how and experience built up over the past 70 years in the tyre retreading manufacturing process. The product range is divided into specific segments so as to meet growing demand, expertly fulfilling specific needs.


The range is divided into specific segments to satisfy a demand in constant expansion, able to respond accurately to the particular patterns of usage.

Products available only on the European market



Thanks to a finely honed ability to efficiently meet market requirements, Marangoni has complimented its array of truck retreads with a line of new truck tyres designed for retreading and with a range of new light truck tyres.

Products available in selected markets

Marangoni’s offer is completed by Fleet Advantage, the integrated fleet tyre management solution and by the related consulting, reporting, maintenance and breakdown services.



The use of retreaded tyres for earth moving or industrial handling activities results in significant savings in economic terms and with regard to raw materials. Continuous investments in research and development have enabled Marangoni to even provide state of the art solutions for the retreading of exceptionally large tyres. Products only available in the European markets.

Leadership acquired
in the field

Marangoni is the only European OTR retreader producing all the rubber compounds internally. This, in addition to the know-how acquired over the decades, enables excellent product quality.
The casings used for retreading are carefully checked and repaired. In combination with the right compound and the right selection of the tread, the retread is in no way inferior to a new tyre.

The right tyre
for every application

A tyre that lasts longer means immediate savings in terms of time and money. We offer an extensive range that helps you make your fleet more efficient thanks to excellent hourly performance, resistance, stability and comfort.

Products available only on the European market