Marangoni’s products are the obvious choice for anyone looking for the best performance.

The relationship between Marangoni and the end user is solid and lasting. Thanks to the know-how acquired in the design and manufacturing of tyres, we have developed timely solutions to the most critical demands like increased reliability, increased performance, and enhanced cost effectiveness. Our product range includes a comprehensive selection of specific products for every application and requirement. From road transport to earth moving, lift trucks and other heavy-duty handling vehicles: whatever your vehicle is, Marangoni has a solution for your needs and will exceed your expectations.

Truck & Bus

Different types of applications require tyres meeting specific performance criteria in terms of mileage, grip, rolling resistance, noise, and driving comfort. In order to meet all possible requirements, Marangoni offers dozens of patterns, each one available in different sizes for specific applications. A range of tyres for every axle and any road: from international to regional and local transport vehicles, from quarry/construction and special transport to light transport vehicles.

Earth Moving and industrial handling

A tyre that lasts longer means immediate savings in terms of time and money. We offer you a complete range that helps you make your fleet more efficient thanks to excellent hourly performance, resistance, stability and comfort.
Beside that you choose not only a product geared to your needs, but also Marangoni’s unparalleled expertise. You will find a partner that is willing to share your efforts and daily struggles, able to contribute an incredible wealth of knowledge and to help you achieve higher and higher goals.

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