Our mission is to respond precisely and promptly to all customer needs. In essence, this means supplying various different types of rubber compounds that fulfil our customers’ technical and functional requirements, while ensuring the use of very high quality raw materials and constant and controlled processes, well aware that in this sector, time is a precious factor.
In addition to our traditional and consolidated products, which are innovative thanks to a production process in constant technological evolution, the Marangoni Group also develops special and customised rubber compounds

to meet the latest needs in different sectors, using the most advanced materials.
All this is pursued through the constant commitment of our Advanced Research and Development centre – often as part of co-design partnerships with customers, modern and functional industrial plants, extensive knowledge and a high level of optimisation of our production processes. After-sales service supports industrialisation at our customers’ sites, gaining useful feedback for new ideas, while rapid deliveries over an extensive area are the last touch to complete our initial promise.