Recircle Awards is a global event created to acknowledge the contribution that companies in the tyre retreading and recycling sectors provide to the circular economy.

The Marangoni Group’s activities are based on the eco-sustainable choice of giving tyres a new life, reducing the waste of the planet’s resources and promoting the transition to a circular economy.

We are extremely honoured by the recognition given to Marangoni: not by the excellent result itself, but rather by our customers, who with their votes have expressed their trust in the quality of our products and services. The categories in which our customers placed us on the podium, confirm how Marangoni supports in the finest way the retreader partners with a 360 degrees offering, ranging from machinery to retreading materials, and the fleets – especially in Italy – thanks to the retreaded tyre. This result was achieved thanks to the extraordinary participation of our customers, partners and collaborators, which is an encouragement to renew Marangoni's commitment to further consolidate its leadership in the sector.

Matthias Leppert - COO Marangoni

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