MARANGONI Supports Volánbusz Hungary Enhancement of Retreading Capabilities with the New RINGER Machine

Volánbusz Invests in Productivity and Sustainability to Upgrade RINGTREAD Tyres Production for their Extensive Bus Fleet.

L to R.: Zoltán Dőri – Purchasing Manager at Volánbusz, Tamás Kovács – Technical Plant Manager at Volánbusz and Leo Linkesch – Area Manager at MARANGONI, during their visit to Italy.

Rovereto (Italy) – Marangoni S.p.A., a global leader in the tyre retreading industry, is enhancing Volánbusz Hungary’s retreading capabilities with the introduction of the new RINGER 2000 machine, promising higher productivity and greater reliability for the customer’s retreading operations.

As a long-standing Marangoni customer, Volánbusz Hungary has been successfully operating their retreading plant based in Győr, situated midway between Budapest and Vienna. In the 90s, the plant was equipped with a Multifunctional machine, which was later upgraded to the Ringtreader 1000 model. Now, the company is further advancing its retreading capabilities with the installation of the RINGER 2000 machine, part of the cutting-edge range of machinery for MARANGONI’s RINGTREAD System, characterised by a modular approach and increased standardisation of components.

Commenting on the news, Leo Linkesch, Area Manager at Marangoni, said: “The RINGER 2000 offers Volánbusz Hungary a host of advantages: compared to the RingTreader 1000 previously used, it provides more balanced ring arrangement on the casing, thanks to its ten jaws instead of eight.

Mr Tamás Kovács, Technical Plant Manager at Volánbusz, expressed his enthusiasm for this significant upgrade, stating, “The RingTreader 1000 served us well for over two decades, but it’s time to embrace modernity. With the new RINGER machine, we are stepping into a more sophisticated era of retreading. Our primary goal is to further increase the quantity and quality of our RINGTREAD tyres production, particularly to cater to our extensive bus fleet, as we are the largest public passenger transport company in Hungary, operating around 6,000 buses nationwide.

Retreading plays a pivotal role in Volánbusz Hungary’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. By investing in the RINGER machine and continuing to employ the RINGTREAD System, the company actively contributes to a greener future. “Retreading is a sustainable business practice that allows us to recover tyres after their first life, ultimately saving energy and raw materials and significantly reducing waste, further reinforcing our commitment to delivering top-quality, sustainable, and efficient transportation solutions to passengers nationwide,” added Mr Kovács.

To ensure the smooth transition and optimal performance of the new RINGER machine, representatives from Volánbusz Hungary visited Marangoni’s facilities in Rovereto and Ala, Italy. During the visit, they had the opportunity to witness the RINGER in action, presented by the technical service personnel. The delegation also took the chance to visit Marangoni’s own retreading plant in Rovereto.

As MARANGONI and Volánbusz Hungary completed the RINGER 2000 installation in the Győr plant, both companies demonstrated a shared commitment to advancing the passenger transport industry with cutting-edge technology and a profound dedication to environmental responsibility.

Rovereto, 01/08/2023