The RINGTREAD tyre hits an “A”-class mark in energy saving

The significant result, achieved using a special Blackline ring, was certified by the Prüflabor Nord laboratory carrying out the same test used for new tyres.

Rovereto, Italy – MARANGONI is proud to announce that it has manufactured a RINGTREAD tyre that achieved an “A” class energy saving level in the same test used for new tyres (ECE.R 117).

This amazing result was achieved by applying a Blackline tread ring with an optimised design for low rolling resistance on a high quality casing, which featured the best rolling resistance class already in its first life. Retreading took place at MARANGONI’s plant in Rovereto, where the group’s headquarters and R&D centre are also located.

The ring used for this test was manufactured by MARANGONI using a special compound created ad hoc for the occasion.

This pivotal element, combined with the specific performance features of the Blackline RTL FE tread pattern and the peculiarities offered by the RINGTREAD System (first and foremost no splices and no structural deformation), made it possible to create a retreaded tyre capable of achieving “A” class rolling resistance according to the same standards used for new tyres.

The result of the test, carried out by the independent test laboratory Prüflabor Nord, has met with a very positive response from industry experts, as few new tyres can boast such a satisfactory result.

Vittorio Marangoni, Chairman of the MARANGONI Group, stated: “This important achievement demonstrates our ongoing commitment to providing innovative solutions that curb environmental impact, even in the use phase, without undermining performance. It is further evidence that by implementing high quality standards, the retreaded tyre can perform at the level of the best new tyres.”

The announcement was made in advance to visitors at Transport Logistic, on the occasion of MARANGONI’s first participation in the leading European logistics event, which took place from 9 to 12 May in Munich. The novelty attracted great interest from the public, given the increasing focus of fleets on reducing energy costs.

Vittorio Marangoni concluded with these words: “We will continue to invest in research and development of advanced technologies in the tyre retreading industry. We want to offer end users products that combine high performance with an increasingly smaller environmental footprint. This achievement further spurs us on in our commitment to promoting environmentally friendly, high-performance and state-of-the-art solutions.”


Rovereto, 05/06/2023