Marangoni wins the international sustainability Recircle Award in the Best Tyre Retreader category

The company has been proclaimed winner of the event’s most hotly contested category and dedicated the award to all its customers and retreader partners in the world.

Rovereto, Italy – At the Recircle Awards inaugural edition, Marangoni has been recently proclaimed winner in the Best Tyre Retreader category. This particular award was closely fought with contenders including some of the most important players in the global retreading sector.

It’s a great honour and a privilege to be considered among the best tyre retreaders in the world. To us, this means that all our customers and retreader partners in Europe, the Americas, Africa and India are winners also, as they’re bringing to their respective markets the technology leadership that Marangoni continuously develop to support the ever-changing transportation industry.” These are the words of Giuseppe Marangoni, Vice President of Marangoni, following the victory of the international sustainability award.

The Marangoni Group was incorporated with its first retread plant in Rovereto back in 1968. The internationalisation of the group was based on the fundamentals of how to export the Marangoni system and technologies worldwide. From there on, it followed the company’s commitment to vertically integrate its retread operations in the rubber compounding, retreading equipment development and the material side like the RINGTREAD, flat tread and mould cure materials and accessories.

Upon receiving this prestigious acknowledgement, Marangoni Group Chairman Vittorio Marangoni stated: “Each step of the supply chain involved in tyre retreading, from material development to the actual retreading manufacturing process, holds its challenges and complexity. The retreaded tyre is only the last step but it’s the one putting it all together to satisfy the market’s various needs. Without forgetting how essential is the service provided to fleets during the product use. Being recognised as the Best Tyre Retreader to us means we’re able to master this complexity and use it to advantage our customers and retreader partners throughout the world.

This award holds a deeper meaning in these particularly dramatic times. We’re experiencing more than ever the fundamental role played by tyre retreading to support regional and local supply chains affected by the pandemic. Today, but also in the post-Covid19 future, we need to be even more focused on preserving natural resources and reduce our carbon footprint. That starts with a local-for-local approach where retreading has always been a virtuous example.

Our company has been doing circular economy for more than 75 years– concluded Vittorio Marangoni –  We’ve always been investing in efficiency and innovation in all departments: from the implementation of new technologies and machinery to the improvement of our finished products, retreading materials and processes. We’re delighted to have reached this milestone, and we greatly appreciate the support received by this initiative and the focus provided to the circular economy topic.

Rovereto, 07/04/2021