MARANGONI Sales Training “Make Sales Happen”

Marangoni Sales Training “Make Sales Happen”

Marangoni GmbH has successfully launched its partner sales training programme, which took place for the first time in June at the company’s premises in Henstedt-Ulzburg and was rated very positively by the sales team of Marangoni’s Swedish partner “Däcknor”.

The intensive sales programme covered all aspects of the tyre/retreading industry. The two-day programme was designed to strengthen the sales skills of Däcknor’s sales staff and increase their efficiency. The training covered a variety of topics including:

  • Technologies, Regulations, Product Knowledge and Market Analysis:
  • Deepening knowledge of the products on offer and analysing current
    market developments
  • Trends in technology and development
  • Open exchange on future market requirements and the associated
    adjustments to product design for new drive generations
  • Sales strategies and techniques
  • Communication of modern approaches and methods in dealing with customers and sales planning to increase sales figures.
  • Customer dialogue and negotiation skills
  • Practical exercise


The participants also had the opportunity to learn from leading sales experts, with Marangoni counting on the support of experts from “Klozers”, a company specialising in helping organisations realise their full potential. The combination of theoretical units and practical exercises ensured that the participants were able to apply what they had learnt directly.

The sales training is part of Marangoni GmbH’s ongoing efforts to support its partners in training employees and developing their sales skills. “We see this training as an important investment in the future of our partners and therefore in our own company.

June 2024