Marangoni for the circular economy

Marangoni for the circular economy

We are many! We want to build a future based on the “circular” economy: the Marangoni model, thanks to the tyre retreading, allows the 70% savings of raw materials and the CO2 emission reduction up to 30%.

For this purpose, we, the Marangoni people, are within the first line to fight the chinese economy model, based on the exploitation of both human resources and environment, which is eroding important market shares and putting the future of our companies at risk. On a total of 32.000 job securities working within the European tyre retreading market, there are many, indeed too many, or already lost or at high risk to survive.

Just like the “Retread Instead” campaign in the United States led by Marangoni Tread North America, we, from Rovereto Italy, are giving our important contribution to a similar initiative within EU, contributing to the official investigation on new Chinese truck and bus tyre importation into EU member states.

Rovereto, 15.11.2017

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