In the industrial handling sector, the choice of an OTR tyre represents a significant and fundamental investment, aimed not only at guaranteeing efficient portside and intermodal operations and ensuring high levels of quality and reliability, but also at fulfilling the increasing need among many companies operating in this sector to reduce their running costs.

The importance of this decision has over the last few years represented a major challenge for the Marangoni earthmover division, one that sees it committed to perfecting and increasingly expanding the range of Marix retreaded tyres for this specific market segment.
This line of products for container handling and other industrial uses (ports, transport hubs, steel mills, ironworks and so on) has been developed to move heavy loads, and comprises products that can offer excellent stability, long life and low hourly costs, thanks to the special compounds used.

The new generation Banbury mixer installed last year at the Rovereto plant, together with Marangoni’s expertise in research and development, have led to the production of higher-quality compounds that are more competitive even in the most heavy-duty applications, combining excellent resistance to abrasion with low heat generation. Moreover, the use of shearographic technology helps further improve the already high quality standards of the tyres that are retreaded for industrial handling.

The most important products in this range include the MRL profile: this tread is fitted on the reach stackers operated by the Sech Group, used at the container terminal in the Port of Genoa.
This is a non-directional profile, specifically designed for retreading the 18.00×25 and 18.00×33 radial and diagonal casings of premium brand industrial tyres, with the objective of ensuring greater reliability and longer life even when the sides of the casing are subjected to significant stress and strong twisting forces are thus exerted on the structure of the tyre.
The MRL pattern, in size 18.00-25, is fitted on the front axles of the Sech Group reach stackers and has achieved operating times of 2300 hours, bringing considerable savings in hourly costs when compared to a similar premium brand new tyre fitted on the same axle of the same vehicle.
The sturdiness and stability of this tyre, together with the productivity achieved, make it very appealing to operators: container handling, above all when loading and unloading ships, typically requires very fast working times.
The MS D1/D2, on the other hand, are the Marix retreaded tyres for industrial handling by Marangoni chosen by PD Logistics (a division of the PD Ports Group) and Eldapoint Ltd, both based in the United Kingdom, for their reach stackers.
These are used by PD Logistics to load the steel produced at the Redbourn works into containers and then finally onto trains and trucks.
Eldapoint Ltd. uses the same tread on its reach stackers that handle the containers it constructs and repairs. This non-directional tread ensures users excellent hourly performance, stability, driving comfort and resistance to abrasion, consequently meaning minimal damage from impacts that can cause expensive machinery downtime.

The high-quality and customer-oriented retreading process adopted by Marangoni for the Marix tyres ensures excellent performance levels, when compared to those of premium-brand new tyres, guaranteeing considerable reductions in hourly costs and representing the best possible response to the market needs for efficiency and cost savings.