Marangoni has been chosen for the PROTO Challenge of Hub Innovazione Trentino

At Marangoni, innovation is the norm!


Marangoni Meccanica is one of the 5 companies selected for the PROTO Challenge initiative of Hub Innovazione Trentino. This initiative involves teaming up with a group of young talented students from the University of Trento. The participants will be involved in the optimisation of the mechanical properties of products, using the cutting-edge design techniques of so-called additive manufacturing.

During the course of the project, advanced Ansys software will be used to create a mechanically optimised version, based on a technical drawing of the product. This will enable prototypes to be produced, which will bring significant benefits to the company (e.g. in terms of material savings).

Over the next few weeks, we will keep you updated on the progress of this interesting initiative.

Stay tuned…