Great news for the retreading industry in India

The Government of India recognised the importance of retreading in the tyre value chain by including tyre retreading in the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for Waste Tyre.

The policy published on July 23, 2022 in the Official Gazette is related to end-of-life tyres. Still, it recognises retreaders as an essential part of a sustainable tyre value chain that, without them, would be incomplete.

This is a significant development for the sector and one of the most virtuous examples in the world. Now retreaders are allowed to issue Retreading Certificates through which the EPR for a tyre producer can give an advantage on waste tyres responsibility.

For the Indian Retreading Industry, this policy boost can increase the pace of market shift towards getting more organised, leading to better quality retreading solutions for fleets to reduce their operating costs and carbon footprint. A growing number of Indian organisations aim to achieve a carbon-neutral supply chain, and a high-quality retreading system, like Marangoni’s RINGTREAD, can play a big role.

With this policy initiative, India has shown leadership in recognising retreading and its role in a sustainable transportation sector. Marangoni India, with its network of franchisees, aims to be an integral part of this journey.