long haul

We’re extremely satisfied with the results achieved: high mileage, optimum traction in different weather conditions, reduced costs and only one tyre change a year

– Stefano Rutilli –

Company fleet manager at Rutilli trasporti – Mantova

At the beginning of winter 2013-2014, he tried RINGTREAD Blackline RDG101. Mr. Rutilli explained: “We were looking for tyres that had a competitive mileage cost throughout the year, in all seasons and in the different regions we serve. Marangoni proposed the RINGTREAD Blackline RDG101 retreads. We were amazed by the mileage per millimetre: incredibly high! On average around 9,100 km/mm, with peaks of over 12,000 km/mm. Not bad at all for a tyre whose grip rivals that of a pure winter pattern.”