long haul

This is a great tyre in terms of reliability and performance. Our drivers like the stability, safety and the design of this product.

– Alfredas Simanavicius –

Tyres specialist at Girteka Logistics – Vilnius

Girteka Logistics has one of the most modern and updated long haul fleets in Europe with 3,300 trucks and 3,500 trailers. Girteka’s team of specialists is always on the lookout for efficiency savings which they can pass on to customers.
Vytautas Pilionis (Procurement division manager of Girteka) has analysed and compared many different tyres in term of brands and patterns.
He told us: “In order to prevent delay due to breakdown and to minimise our cost we always need to use the best product in the market. RINGTREAD Energeco+ 315/70R22,5 has proven to be the best tyre we tested in drive position. It is a perfect product for our fleet thanks to their performance, quality and cost per kilometer (CPK). Due to the exceptional performance of the RINGTREAD Energeco+ product, Girteka is able to save around 10% in CPK.”