Marangoni retreaded tyres in the local public transport sector led us to save 20% compared to competitors.

– Alessandro Oldrini –

Managing director of Air Pullman – Assago (Milano)
Profilo Blackline BUS100
Profilo BUS400

Air Pullman is a company operating in various fields: from local public transport (LPT) to chauffeur car rentals, from shuttle services to and from Milan airports to long-distance journeys. It has a fleet of 290 vehicles of various types covering approximately 16 million kilometres a year. The complexity of the vehicle fleet poses different critical issues depending on the sector. The company pays close attention to operating costs, including those for tyres. It buys various types of Marangoni tyres, both new and retreaded ones. The ones it uses the most are Blackline BUS100 (PZ Ecocity 3) and Blackline BUS400 (PD Ecotour 2). Thanks to Marangoni tyres, the company has considerably reduced tyre management costs without affecting reliability and benefitting from a 5-year warranty.

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