Marangoni wins 4th place at this year’s Dragon Boat Race in Norderstedt

Norderstedt, Germany – Once again, exciting races took place at the city park’s lake during the 9th Norderstedt Marketing Dragon Boat Race, held on June 22nd 2019. Participants included 20 employees from Marangoni’s administration, production and management departments, which came fourth at this year’s Dragon Boat Race in Norderstedt. 

The Dragon Boat Race represents a collaborative effort towards the same goal with the purpose of strengthening the “we-feeling”, paddling for a good work environment and a greater team spirit. 

Health management is extremely important for Marangoni Retreading Systems Deutschland GmbH. Today’s ever-changing world of work requires companies to develop a personnel policy and a corporate culture that strengthens employees’ health in order to exploit their current performance potential and preserve it for the future.

This is why prevention and the promotion of health are becoming increasingly important as part of sustainable company management since the well-being of employees significantly contributes to a company’s financial success.

Marangoni’s runners also did very well at the “Henstedt-Ulzburg läuft” race. More sporting events are scheduled. As part of its health programme, the company offers regular health days, “fascia” workshops and company fitness activities.