Custom solutions tailored to the needs of our customers are the main objective of Marangoni Tyre Machinery.

The success of our business is also dependent on the close collaboration with our customers, and on the trust, confidentiality, and credibility we earn from them by adhering to our commitments, by assisting them in improving their business processes and reaching high profitability levels, and by displaying honesty and integrity.


Managing Director of Marangoni Meccanica

Today, the global tyre industry has become extremely competitive. A planned strategy is necessary to increase market share and sustain growth. At Marangoni we prefer to devote our efforts to building solid relationships with our customers, which aim to develop log-lasting, serious, and quality partnerships with our company. Often we choose to operate in niche markets and make hyper-customized solutions rather than favouring quick return projects which are certainly less rewarding professionally.

For our customers, we aim to be partners for the entire duration of the collaboration. While everyone on the market is focused on internal development, we strongly believe that tyre manufacturers are in need of a partner which is open, constructive, and efficient, to develop the most sophisticated technologies and aspire to a leading position in terms of tyre quality, automation, productivity, and cost effectiveness.