Marangoni has won the ACTV tender

The company was awarded the three-year contract for supplying retreaded tyres for the fleet of the Municipal company of Venice.

Rovereto (IT) – Marangoni SpA was awarded the tender to handle the tyre retreading service for the ACTV bus fleet, for a period of 36 months beginning November 1st 2018. ACTV (acronym for Azienda del Consorzio di Trasporti Veneziano: “Venetian Transports Consortium Company”), besides handling public transportation for the Municipality of Venice, also handles the local public transport for the Municipality of Chioggia and part of the intercity transport for the province of Venice. The award was granted after an evaluation of the offer which was economically most advantageous based on a total estimated travelled distance of 300 million Kilometres.

Marangoni will retread the fleet casings using its own PZ Ecocity 3 pattern, in the following sizes 275/70R22.5 and 295/80R22.5. The significant depth and the particular block pattern of this tread provide excellent mileage output and a uniform wear profile until the end of its use. The presence of a solid and hefty shoulder guarantees maximum resistance to the scraping which is typical for urban use. Furthermore, this design is homologated M+S and 3PMSF and is therefore characterised by optimal adherence for all conditions of use, even when snow and ice are present.

The specifications for the ACTV tender on 22/06/2018, as part of the various technical requirements, also included the use of shearography technology. At the Marangoni plant of Rovereto (TN), tyre integrity control using shearography takes place for all casings before the production process. This phase is preceded by manual visual inspection and the possible control for micro-holes, which occurs using a specific machine. If these rigorous tests are not passed, the casings are scrapped before passing on to the following phases. At the end of the processing there is a further verification by inflating the tyre at operating pressure level.

An inspection process that is so meticulous and precise is synonym of reliability and safety for the user. This contributes to improving the already high-quality standards of the retreated Marangoni tyre, a product which is covered by a 5-year warranty.

Rovereto, 18/12/2018

Marangoni recommends PZ Ecocity 3 (RINGTREAD BUS100) as an all-position and all season urban bus 3PMSF pattern. It features reinforced and stable tread blocks thanks to the interlock siping technology, improving traction, road grip and ensuring even wear.