Some food for thought about the Coronavirus emergency

Marangoni corporate video about the pandemic crisis

In these days, the social and economic impact of the Coronavirus emergency is already clear to us all. The epidemic forced us to face a radical change in our lifestyle. Our habits have been disrupted and many things we used to take for granted have been questioned.
Doctors and nurses at the hospital and in retirement homes, grocery-store cashiers, drivers and logistic operators engaged in the transport of primary goods and many other workers are doing such an important job to guarantee that the essential services can function properly and to respond to the fundamental needs of our communities.

Our sector is an integral part of this supply chain, and that’s why we did not stop to do our duty. Marangoni, in fact, continues the provision of services to all the transporters thanks to which food gets in the groceries where we do our shopping, the pharmacies are replenished with the medicines that we need and the waste collection continues to be carried out in our cities. We do this directly in Italy, by serving many fleets, and indirectly abroad, through our international retreaders network.

We have organized through smart working in order to be efficient even at a distance and we have made worker safety the central focus, respecting the measures provided by the responsible authorities. In order to prevent any problems due to the eventual suspension of the local production’s activities, Marangoni organised its activities, on a precautionary basis, to keep serving the market by taking advantage of its international footprint.

At the same time, our Research and Development Centre hasn’t stopped the development of new products, even in agile working mode, in order to improve and expand our range, providing customers with greater capacity of supply through a short supply chain. A key issue even further today in the context of the pandemic.

By looking with hope to our future, we not only wish a return to normality but a growth in the awareness of the consequences of our actions – small and large – on the environment we live in and on our community. Beginning with that of preferring premium quality tyre retreading, which – besides the raw materials re-use and the CO2 reduction – generates added value in the area, fostering the development of short supply chain that creates benefits for the local economy.

Rovereto, 29/04/2020