“Distributing machinery, production lines and employees”? Marangoni: statements never made

The company denies what has been reported in local newspapers in the last few days concerning the meeting with unions

Rovereto (TN) – “Distributing machinery, production lines, spaces and employees, renting them out to external companies”: according to the local Trentino paper these words were said by Michele Bergese, director of human resources for the Marangoni Group, in last Thursday’s meeting with trade unions. In reality Bergese, during the entire meeting – in which a “third party” was also present, represented by Andrea Marsonet, area work and training manager for Confindustria Trento – did not state any such thing.

Yes, new guidelines of the Group were announced, aimed at firstly revitalising the Rovereto site, working towards a search for industrial partners that allow the saturation of the site’s plants and the numerous investments carried out on over the past years to be put to good use.

The company, taking notice that the news today has been repeated in a new article, after having already being published yesterday evening Saturday, August 31, completely denies what was reported by the newspaper.

Full and necessary respect for the dynamics of the discussion with the representatives of the workers requires clarity and adherence to objective reality on all parts to together build the future of the company in constructive dialogue. It is with this intention that the company has confirmed with a memo its full intention to update the trade union on the direction and policies related to the Rovereto site, convening the parties after the nomination of the new administration representative of the Group. With this in mind, the company trusts in conduct that helps the efforts that everyone- management and workers – are making for the development of the Rovereto site.

Rovereto, 01/09/2018